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This First & Last Day of School Chalkboard is a great way to capture your child's first and last day of school each year, especially when they are young and grow so fast!
One one side of the board is your child's first day of school and on the back is your child's last day of school. Just simply add the information in under each category using chalk and erase it each year to update. Snap a photo of your child before he/she heads off to his/her first and last day of school! This can be used for multiple children as well!

This farmhouse style wood sign measures roughly 12”x12” in size.

-All of our signs are lightly sanded, and hand painted to bring out the wood grain, the natural imperfections and unique character of the planks. This sign is made to order and the one you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured.

Each piece of wood is hand-selected for its unique grain, knots, and “natural imperfections” which add to the beauty, charm, and character of each piece. Every sign is hand cut and hand sanded by me. This sign is made to order and the one you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured.


Prior to using for the first time, we recommend that you “prime” your chalkboard by rubbing the entire surface with chalk, and then erasing with a clean, slightly damp cloth.

Chalk can be erased with the eraser provided, or by using a slightly damp, clean cotton cloth. We do not recommend scrubbing the chalkboard surface. Scrubbing should not be necessary when using chalk.

Our chalkboards are hand painted with a high quality chalkboard paint. This paint is tested with traditional white chalk, and we recommend using our chalkboards with traditional white chalk. Colored chalk can have pigment/dye that can become difficult to erase.

If you prefer using chalk pens, We would suggest to “test an area” first on sign. Some chalk pens can be difficult to erase due to the porous surface! We do not recommend using these.

Prior to using your favorite chalk pen on the chalkboard, we recommend you use the pen to mark the test area, and wait a few days in order to determine it will erase well and not damage the chalkboard.

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***When hanging any decor over a crib or on the wall, safety is very importance. Please make sure it is hung properly (in stud, etc) and follow the instructions we provide if you receive it with a sign. We do recommend having a space between the wall and the crib/couch/bed when hanging any wood or heavy wall art.

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