Personalized Christmas Stockings | Leather Patch Name Stockings | Laser Engraved Christmas Stockings

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These personalized Christmas stockings are a perfect way to addition for your fireplace mantal or anywhere around your home this Holiday Season. This is a knit sticking that includes a customized laser engraved patch.

Colors: Choose from red, green, grey, cream or beige stockings.
They are stretchy to fit lots of goodies for Christmas morning.

18 inches long, 5.5 inches wide. Patch measure 2"x3"

Disclaimer: All the fonts are slightly different. Depending on how many you order, the font sizes will also vary. For ex. If you order 4 and the names are Mommy, Daddy, Hank and Mia; Mia and Hank will not be as LONG as Mommy and Daddy as the font sizes are the same. The size will also depend on the font chosen. I always use my best discretion. I also DO NOT send mock up due to the volume of orders we get so that I can process these in a timely manner.

Colors may also slightly vary depending on the batch received from the manufacturer. Sizes may vary by 1/2"

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